FOMO - JOMO's Worst Enemy

Not familiar with FOMO?

“Fear of Missing Out” is essentially a powerful obsession with what others might be experiencing without you, and typically results in a compulsive desire to stay connected. (In other words, instead of living YOUR life, you’re too consumed with what others are doing.)

Chances are, you’ve got a smartphone… and that smartphone probably has some social media apps on it, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Now, don’t get us wrong – staying connected is great. But there’s a fine line between keeping in touch and losing touch with yourself.

How does this happen...

We’re straight-up ADDICTED to our cellphones.

It’s true. The average person looks at their phone 110 times per day, spending nearly 5 hours staring at a time screen.

The World Wide Web is a worldwide DISTRACTION.

There’s no shortage of digital interruption these days. Whether we’re binge-watching the latest Netflix series, “window shopping” on Amazon, lurking that Facebook friend we haven’t seen since high school, or reading up on the latest news – it’s easy to turn to our phones for entertainment when we’re bored (or the illusion of company when we’re lonely).

Our health is going downhill. Fast.

True story: 80% of adults are not active enough to meet minimum active living guidelines. As technology continues to grow and flourish, the generations to come are sure to face the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle if our habits don’t change.

We don’t know how to talk to each other anymore.

In person, that is. Without emojis and hashtags to express our mood, or the downtime between sending a text and receiving a response, we’ve lost the art of face-to-face conversation.

Rather than enjoying our own lives, social media has made us focus on what our friends say they’re doing – leading to the FEAR of missing out.

Why not create the moments that caused this FOMO to begin with? Grab a friend and go skydiving, meetup with a few local kayakers and see if it is something you might enjoy, go to the local comedy club and get a few laughs... (Psst… it’s not too late to take life into your own hands!)

What happens when you begin to enjoy missing out?

You connect with the people around you… in person.

Set up activities with friends and local groups, find local people with similar interests and hobbies, and join others – in real-life and real-time.

You get out and do more.

Rather than focusing on other people’s experiences, when you experience JOMO you are experiencing more for yourself. With a more active lifestyle, you’ll be happier, healthier, and more social.

You challenge yourself and grow.

By engaging your mind and body with new activity, you’ll push your limits and develop new hobbies and connections.

Really, what have you got to lose? Maybe you won’t see what your friends are eating for lunch, or photos from that party you missed (your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail), but you will have created something much greater...real experience.


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