Make this weekend count!

Life is hectic and pressing work schedules and deadlines can make one tired, burdened and sometimes lead to burnouts too. Well, that’s what weekends are for! Weekends are the much needed mini breaks we all need. Making the most of your weekend can help you feel relaxed and bring in a balance in life. Spending quiet moments, sleeping a little extra, binging on your favorite food, quality time with friends and family are all common ways to embrace the weekend and the big privileges of a weekend. But why not, but why not branch out a bit?

Here are 8 easy weekend adventures:

1. Hike it up!

Going on a hike, a long walk or an even a difficult trek will give you a great workout and reduce that weekday stress.

2. Weekend Getaway!

Leave that bed and the comfort of your house and go on a spontaneous getaway. Find a nearby town and drive down or take a bus to get away from your normal routine.

3. Touristy Vibes!

Be a tourist in your own city! Find out charming and hidden spots and revel in their charm. Quit the same old and known locations.

4. Embrace Nature

Nature has the best serene and calming effects to offer. Spend a day wrapped in nature and soak in the beauty.

5. Wine/Food Tasting

Tantalize your taste buds and invite the best of flavors!

6. Game Nights!

Plan a game night with your buddies instead of binge watching television for some pure and exciting fun.

7. Map It out!

Take a map of your city, close your eyes, place your finger anywhere and then go there! Super spontaneous; super fun!

8. Hobby Class

Join a hobby club or just go and crash one! You never know it might be your hidden talent!

Luckily, by the time you get this list done, JOMO will be ready and you will never have to worry about what to do on your weekend again.

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