Time To Try Something New

There are endless opportunities around every corner, waiting to be discovered. While it is easy and comfortable to explore the main streets, don’t forget to find fun in the nooks, crannies, backwoods trails, and ocean streams. Exploring all that life has to offer can be daunting. The good news is, the “real world” is waaay less judgmental than the comments section on YouTube. If you find yourself asking, “will people accept me?” or “will I look stupid”… well, let us assure you that each and every one of us live with that same sense of vulnerability.

If you can learn to let go of the ego and submerge yourself in today, you’ll most likely realize that not that many people are even looking at you. In fact, some of the best times in life and our biggest moments of growth come during those uncomfortable moments; when we choose to embrace our ceiling-less ability to be awkward.

So why is it important to try new things?

It opens up your mind.

As humans, we thrive on personal development and achievement. Just for today, let’s disregard the “like” button and the Instagram “double tap”; let’s focus on what is important. The only thing holding you back is you… and the only thing weighing you down is your 4.87-ounce phone!


Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life on Tinder, but wouldn’t it make a better story if you met them at salsa lessons? Maybe you’ll get 45 likes on the photo of a Gibson in the local guitar shop— but imagine the sense of accomplishment you’d get from actually learning to play it. Your activities don’t have to be featured on the X-Games to be outlandishly fun and wholeheartedly rewarding.

You’ll find hidden treasures.

Are you awesome at racquetball? You won’t know until you give it the good ol’ college try! What if your flag football team was better than your fantasy football lineup? Open the door (both literally and figuratively) and you’ll discover interest and friendships that you didn’t know existed.

We need strong connections.

If the majority of your interactions with family and friends are documented on social media or sent through text messages, you may want to put the phone down, go to the grocery store and have yourself a feast with the people you enjoy the most. You may realize that having real experiences with these people is far more enjoyable than the 10 second snap you are accustomed to.

Real-life experiences are more valuable than the virtual world.

Break out of your comfort zone! We’re all afraid of failure, rejection, and change. Let’s embrace vulnerability and face today with excitement and curiosity. You'll walk away smarter and happier.

We’re not saying you need to learn to juggle chainsaws (that will come in week three), but let’s hit up some yoga lessons. Maybe learn an instrument or take a pottery class. Let’s explore the and discover! You don’t have to go full “Grizzly Man” on us, but start by putting the phone down and stepping out the door. Join a group, go on an adventure, meet like-minded people, learn a new skill, broaden your horizons, and give that soul of yours a pat on the back.

Take today by the necktie, let your hair down, and live in the now! Experience JOMO and discover the amazing moments occurring all around you.


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