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Reason 1

Track Record

We have a proven board of advisors (CMO of Pandora, executives from Nielsen, GE and P&G just to name a few), and our leadership team has over 7 successful exits (1 IPO) and one globally successful startup that’s still growing: Untappd

Reason 2


JOMO will better the lives of millions of people. When we launch, the centerpiece of our campaign will be the Miss Out Movement, and we’re teaming up with leading non-profits and partners to grow the movement. It’s going to be epic, and inspire millions who are experiencing online fatigue to Miss Out and Do More.

Reason 3


If we pull this off, you can work anywhere you want, or start your own thing. The opportunities are endless if you’re an early member of a successful startup. It also means you will have options in a company that’s built to sell in 3-5 years, and your work has the potential to touch millions of people around the world. You have impact.

Reason 4


Our culture is clearly stated, and at the center is freedom to do great work, responsibility to the team and mission, and a shared understanding that respectful direct conversation moves things forward faster.

Our Values


We thrive on real communication and our products have become the byproduct of this need for face to face interaction.


We move, we think, we challenge, we compete. We use technology to find experience, not replace it.

Positive Technology

We believe that technology should offer a positive contribution to our society, assisting us in our lives rather than replacing them.


Open Positions

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